Introducing ConsCent! Making Premium Content, Pocket Friendly Introducing a universal Pay-Per-Read solution with Outlook Magazine: Making premium content accessible for 700 million Internet users, instead of just a handful of them

TSB Media Venture launches ConsCent, an affordable, flexible and platform-agnostic solution to enable millions of people access and pay for premium content behind paywalls, which otherwise is only available through expensive subscriptions. 

ConsCent’s first content partner is Outlook, one of India’s leading and most respectable media organisations, and now Outlook readers have the choice to pay only for what they want from a diverse catalogue of about 50,000+ premium stories.

But, why ConsCent? 

Outlook could have launched micro-pricing themselves. It is not just about prices. With ConsCent we are building the world’s largest decentralized network of paying users, who can go and pay on any ConsCent content partners in a frictionless and affordable way.

It opens up limitless possibilities for content providers — like Outlook — to make revenue from ConsCent end users converted anywhere in the ecosystem, on any content partner platforms. That is not possible without an universal login and a universal payment solution built into a SaaS (software as a service) platform for content providers to plug and play.

The problem, and the solution

The requirement of a micropayment solution is needed now, more than ever before. According to research firm BCG, 59% of existing subscribers (across platforms) — which itself is a tiny fraction of the total number of content consumers — do not want to pay the same amount or more. They also don’t like to get locked in. As a result, there are 70-75% drop-offs on subscription renewals. And, most subscription platforms end up spending ₹100-200 per person on consumer acquisition.

ConsCent gives content providers power to lower customer acquisition cost, increases retention of paying users, makes premium content revenue generation an extremely scalable business model, and empowers end users to pay for what they want. ConsCent is also the only way content creators have a chance to take advantage of India’s large Internet user base, where revenue is generated in small packets, from millions of consumers. At the same time, ConsCent provides its content partners with a much larger funnel of sticky paying users, which can be further targeted to sell subscriptions, campaigns, and other products.

Too many subscription platforms

Today, there are more than 20 news organisations, over 30 OTT platforms and over six music streaming platforms offering subscriptions. That’s a four times increase in the number of subscription platforms in the past two years, and these numbers will continue to grow. That makes it impossible for users to subscribe to all platforms. Most people do not want to take more than a single subscription. ConsCent users can access and pay on any of these platforms (if they are a ConsCent partner) for any story, video or audio they desire to consume.

At a time when digital ad revenue can’t substitute print or television ad revenue, and direct revenue is the only option, ConsCent can unlock revenue from every piece of premium content behind a paywall.

We are committed to all Internet users in India, and want to make accessing premium content extremely affordable, hassle free and fast for them. Just a small example: if a user keeps money in her ConsCent account, paying for a premium is even faster than paying through UPI. 

By doing all this, we will make sure all our content partners earn three-four times higher than what subscriptions can make for them.

Transition to the future of content

This is just the beginning — everyday we will make ConsCent better for you, and roll out more features and products that will make consuming premium content affordable and frictionless for YOU. 

Sunny Sen
Co-founder and CEO

Sounak Mitra
Founder and COO

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